Saturday, July 10, 2004

on the air - show #4

Like show #3, a smooth one, helped by a third CD deck added to the studio. Before going into the playlist, let's take a quick tour of CFRU as it looks in 2004.

Here's the main hallway leading to the studios, looking much neater than I remember (the ramp was installed back in the day).

What is a campus radio station without a door plastered with promotional stickers? See if you can find your favourite band in this picture.

One wing of the CD library, which appears to be in good shape these days. The record library is an environmental disaster, with platters scattered everywhere. There are still traces of the time I attempted a grand reorganization of it years ago - there are still stickers with my handwriting on the shelves.

Finally, the on-air studio, where the magic world of radio comes to life. You could accurately film a period piece in here, which is part of its charm (though you'd have to move the old cart machines back in - those were being used into the new millenium). Wonder if anybody still digs out archival reels - those used to be fun to play around with (I should check the archive room to see if one backup show I recorded for fun on reel-to-reel still exists).

For more information about the station, and a live stream, check out their website. Looks like there's special programming coming up for the annual Hillside Festival (where back in '99, I spent a fun day driving around musicians and their equipment and had a chance to mow down former co-workers I despised - but's that's a tale for another day).

On with the show...

The Prisoner Theme - Ron Grainer
Started withe the ITC theme, then rolled into this classic TV theme. Besides, it was on the same disc as the next track...

You Know What I Mean - Vernons Girls
Anyone Who Had A Heart - Dusty Springfield
Don't Be That Way - Ella Fitzgerald and Nelson Riddle
Ain't Got No - I've Got Life - Nina Simone
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight - Richard & Linda Thompson

Other than female vocals, no links between these tunes.

Baby - Bebel Gilberto
All Good Scabs - Lederhosen Lucil
Robert Smith - The Gay
Monday Monday Monday - Tegan & Sara
One I Love You - Carolyn Mark & Dave Lang
Bat Macumba - Os Mutantes

Four Canadian tracks bookended by Brazilian tunes.

Hard Times - Baby Huey
If You Need Me - Wilson Pickett
Happy Go Lucky Girl - The Paragons
Bangarang - Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling
Help Me Make It Through The Night - John Holt
Come In Out Of The Rain - Parliament

A Curtis Mayfield production, followed by a Solomon Burke, a sidetrip to Jamaica, finally early P-Funk.

Older Guys - The Flying Burrito Brothers
Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey - Johnny Paycheck
Cool Water - Sons Of The Pioneers
Dreamin' Man - Neil Young

Country/country-rock set.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Senator Sam J. Ervin Jr.
The Merry Go Round Broke Down/excerpts from "Porky In Wackyland" - Carl Stalling
What Is Love? - Anthony Quinn
Rosemary - The Dickies

The obligatory oddball set. Ervin was one of the key figures in the Watergate hearings, beloved for his folksy charm. The Quinn tune is one of the strangest odes to love ever recorded, though frumps will love it.

Turn On Your Lovelight - Les Sultans
It Hurts To Be In Love - Les Classels
I Think I'm Losing My Marbles - Mainline
Funky Roller Skates - Brutus
A Shot in The Dark - Big Sugar
Dead Animal - The Frantics
Celebrity Cocktails - Atomic 7

CanCon set.

Well It's True That We Love One Another - The White Stripes
Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie - The Cosmic Rays
He Gives Us All His Love - Randy Newman
Show Me a Smile - Fleetwood Mac

The wind-down, mainly to play acts I'd named off earlier. The Cosmic Rays were a mid-50s doowop group produced by Sun Ra.

Earth To Doris - Was (Not Was)
This always felt like a good end-of-show tune to me.

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