Sunday, July 20, 2003

on the radio

Spent Friday night/Saturday morning on the airwaves for the first time in several months. I didn't forget how to use the equipment, though more of it was in less-than-functional order (now both turntables and one CD player need a manual cue - the board will only send the sound out). Things seem to be in better order around there these days - they have finally started to catalogue the new releases and make it easy to figure out if anything has gone for a walk. Good new material is available, not missing after a week. Record library's still a mess, but don't think that can be helped. It's scary to still see signs posted in there from my attempts to rearrange the years ago.

Nobody called, so I can't be sure if anybody was listening. Whenever I do a late-night fill-in, there's usually a drunk or stoner who'll call in and keep pestering for stuff. Still remember the first call I ever got at the station - it was before my first show, and a little girl called in wanting to hear the Spice Girls. The request went unfulfilled because:
(1) The Spice Girls weren't station fodder at the time (no top 40 if possible...though given how bad "top 40" radio is these days, that's not a difficult task. Somebody could probably play them now out of camp value.
(2) I had just returned from England, during the height of Spicemania. Any mention of them was enough to cause a temporary loss of sanity.

Felt a little bad, since it was a little kid, but hey, them's the breaks.

As the playlist...ranged all over the rock map, from recent tunes by the likes of the White Stripes and New Pornographers to all the way back to Gene Vincent. A bit of reggae, bit o' country and Quebec rock were tossed in. A dash of soundtrack music. A pinch of outsider stuff (the unbelievable Curly Toes, the lamest striptease tune ever written, so lame nobody knows who recorded it). A couple tunes suggested by friends (Andy Stochansky and Mitsou). Vintage Detroit car dealer commercials. In short, the usual eclectic bag.

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