Tuesday, July 08, 2003

random notes

Updates and news...

1) The test laboratory in the basement has picked up a newfangled gizmo called a digital camera. Results of its tests will appear in the next few weeks.

2) I'll be on the road the first two weeks of August, travelling across the continental. Updates may appear, if only to keep straight the places I've been.

3) Chateau Cola is still a mystery (May 20th). Any leads are appreciated. Other family members recall having root beer, grape and orange.

4) Looks like one miscarriage of musical justice has finally been rectified, according to the latest issue of MOJO magazine. In Britain, it looks like Neil Young's On The Beach has legitimately entered the digital era (June 11th).

5) No more sushi for me. Another food through trial and error that i have discovered no longer agrees with me. However, discovered the cure the tummy woes may be lazing around a hotel pool all afternoon and going out for a nostalgic dinner with siblings.


Let's just say my digestive system is screwed up. It's a fussy beast, usually tamed by medication whenever I suspect danger lurks. It's when I'm caught off guard that I throw on the deerstalker and figure out the root of the problem. Saturday, I had a tasty lunch at a local Japanese restaurant. Japanese cuisine has had an on-again, off-again history with me, depending on the restaurant (I'm beginning to suspect the Ho Su restaurants are the only place I'm safe!). Sushi and teriyaki seemed to go down fine. Spend the steamy day wandering around the city, passing one too many inflatible Shoppers Drug Mart teddy bears as I wandered all the way down Yonge (it was Street Fest weekend, one of Mayor Mel's brainchilds. Yee-haw).

Felt OK going to bed, decided I didn't need to take a pill. Four in the morning....ugh.

I will spare you, sensitive reader, what usually accompanies these periodic reactions to things. Wait until Halloween. :)

So by 7am Sunday, I figure I'm in the clear, sleeping peacefully until my sister and her boyfriend call to meet up for lunch. They were in town on one of the special post-SARS packages, which included a night at the Chelsea, one dinner, a couple of attractions and tickets to The Lion King. I felt OK during the phone call, then I fell off the wagon.

Determined not to have my day ruined, I met them down at Mel's Deli in the Annex. While they ate, I slurped away at a treat rare in these parts, unsweetened ice tea. Followed them to the record store next door, picked out a couple of discs (James Brown, Elis Regina), then left my goodies with them to flee back to their hotel room for the last act of misery.

After lazing around their room, we spent the rest of the afternoon resting around the pool. OK, it didn't start out as a rest. I want the see the Chelsea's new waterslide. There were no restrictions on adults, so I gave it a shot. Fast, yet not stomach-turning, though I stuck my elbows out (and bear the scars). Go on again. Sister's boyfriend follows, not repeating my mistake.

Spend awhile around the adult pool before a quick trip uptown. I was going to drop them off for dinner, but hunger pangs struck. Dilemma time - felt OK, but would food at this point cause further misery? Taking the risk, I joined them for dinner.

Wise move.

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, where we used to go all the time as kids. Figured it'd be good for a nostalgic kick. The place hasn't changed much since the late 70s-early 80s - still lots of Tiffany lamps, knick-knacks, happy kids and garlic butter. Dishes looked the same, as did the prices (with inflation). So did the food. Sometimes about a bout of misery, it's the simple meals that taste so good. Wolfed down a bowl of spaghetti in no time flat. Felt no misery, heck better than before entering the restaurant.

Wonder if they finished their tour of all the sites used for the Degrassi TV shows today...

Finally got home around 10pm, feeling like Tony the Tiger - grrrreat! Slept like a baby and woke up the next morning ready to take on the world!

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