Tuesday, May 20, 2003

soda jerk

Chateau Cola
Availability - mid-to-late 80s, SW Ontario A&Ps

My father used to bring this stuff home from the local A&P - he really enjoyed it, probably due to an uber-sugar rush. Chateau was an anachronism, being the only pop I remember that had to be opened with a can opener. No tabs or push buttons for the Chateau folks. This was appropriate, since it had the viscosity of motor oil. The can itself had a vague drawing of a castle, with a generic font for the flavour name.

The taste was sickly sweet, close to pure syrup. It was the kind of stuff that could give a kid a psychedelic experience, like that episode of the Simpsons where Bart and Millhouse go for the pure syrup Squishy. There were other flavours - the ginger ale was watery but OK. There may have been orange and grape flavours.

But Dad liked it, and it was cheap, so we drank it.

Attempts to find any information on the web for Chateau have turned up nothing. Anybody know who made it or how long the company was around? If anybody knows, or remembers drinking it, drop me a line at jbcurio@yahoo.ca.

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