don't forget to get on the voters list! (1974 canadian federal election)


mg 1974-06-01 yardley jones voters list ad

Montreal Gazette, June 1, 1974.

While researching my TVO piece on the 1974 Canadian federal election, I found this series of ads from Elections Canada urging urban dwellers to get on the voters' list, even if that meant a quick run in the buff to the nearest returning officer.

mg 1974-06-08 yardley jones voters list running out of time ad 

Montreal Gazette, June 8, 1974.

The series was illustrated by editorial cartoonist Yardley Jones, whose stops included the Edmonton Journal, Montreal Star, and Toronto Telegram.  It appeared in many major papers across the country.

mg 1974-06-15 yardley jones voters list last chance ad 

Montreal Gazette, June 15, 1974.

mg 1974-07-06 yardley jones voters list ad 

Montreal Gazette, July 6, 1974.


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