"you're looking younger every day, mother"

Toronto Star, October 19, 1918.

Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound may have worked too well in restoring Mother's vitality, given Junior's longing look. We can't blame the sage, since this product didn't contain any.


Two years to the day after the last post on this site was published, the Warehouse is back in business. How long this revival lasts, I can't predict, or what form it will take beyond non-GTA centric material and old ads. I suspect most posts will be quickies I crank out while starting or ending my day, or while suffering from writer's block in the middle of a paid assignment.

One thing you will notice if you go back through the archive is that some posts will vanish, as I'm moving Toronto-centric material, especially my Grid pieces, over to Tales of Toronto over the next few months. As with my Torontoist pieces, these posts will contain plenty of additional material where appropriate, or merged with other content.


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