wonder what a hold-up man thinks about after he is caught

Source: the Mail and Empire, March 11, 1922. Click on image for larger version.
An odd one-shot cartoon found on the crime and southwestern Ontario news page of the Mail and Empire. It appeared above the daily rundown of the previous day's proceedings at Osgoode Hall, none of which involved hold-ups.

The only story with a vague connection to this illustration concerned two mail robberies in Essex County. In the first case, five men pleaded guilty to charges of "conspiring to rob Herbert Jacobs of Government mail at Tecumseh on February 15th." Severn Laforet, a bank teller, confessed to plotting the dastardly deed in order to cover a $2,000 shortfall in his accounts. One of those involved in the heist was also charged with two other men in an attempted hold-up of a mail car in Amherstburg.

The oddest story from the Mail and Empire's crime blotter came from the Chatham area, under the headline "INJURED BY VICIOUS SOW."
Roy Beamish, a farm hand employed by Charles Stewart, of Harwich, was seriously injured about the hands and body when he was attaced by a vicious sow while endeavoring to take young pigs away from her.
It appears no charges were laid against the sow.


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