scenes from the toronto motorist-pedestrian war

Sadly, over 60 years on, many of the complaints in this article remain valid.

Based on actions I've recently witness, we're also still saddled with some of the dumbest pedestrians in the world (yes, I'm talking to you, person who rushed against a red light in the middle of heavy traffic at Lawrence and Midland on Wednesday afternoon, causing at least two vehicles to nearly swerve into each other). We are also saddled with some of the dumbest drivers on the planet, who think nothing of trying to make a left turn two lanes over from the official left turn lane (yes, I'm talking to you in the BMW at Lawrence and Warden on Wednesday afternoon).

Reflecting upon what I just wrote, maybe the lesson is not that we have dumb motorists and pedestrians across the board, but that they are magnetically attracted to Lawrence Avenue in Scarborough. Maybe this explains why nobody is proposing a rapid transit line along it!

Source: the Telegram, March 9, 1949.


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