Monday, September 12, 2011

vintage toronto sun letter of the day

anti-monty python letter

Monty Python's Flying Circus has offended plenty of people over the years. Sometimes, as in this letter, one's outrage at the show could easily be a sketch from the show. All that's missing from this letter is a "Dear Sir" salutation rendered in pompous tones.

I emailed my sister to figure out which anti-Scottish skit was the breaking point for Mr. Cameron. Her guess was the spotlight on the great poet Ewan McTeagle. Other good candidates: kamikaze Scotsmen, or the blancmanges who turned innocents into Scots.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cameron was so wrapped up in finding outrages against the Scottish that he may have failed to notice the English didn't come off so hot either in various Python skits.

Fifteen years later, would Mr. Cameron have written another letter about CBC's continuing prejudice after watching this Kids In The Hall skit?

Source: The Toronto Sun, February 22, 1974

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