postcard from france, 1975

Found Postcard - Front

One of the joys of buying used books is finding mementos left by previous owners. A greeting from the author. A note hoping the recipient enjoys the gift they received. Recipes for upside-down cake. Business cards for neo-Nazi organizations. A bookmark from a long-gone bookstore. Photographs from over a century ago.

And postcards such as one found in copy of Spadina: A Story of Old Toronto, a study of the residents and neighbours of the various homes that lent their name to one of downtown's main arteries. A postcard of a French chateau sent to friends or family who resided near the home profiled in the book.

The writer had a wonderful time in France visiting old acquaintances and soaking up the local lifestyle...

Found Postcard - Back

"I think Canada is an idea in the mind of God" - now there's a quotable line.

We also learned that 35 years after the postcard was written, the ink smudged as if it was laid down 35 seconds ago. - JB


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