Tuesday, July 20, 2010

count yourself in for the census

Vintage Ad #1,163: June 1 is Census Day
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Another case of accidentally stumbling upon an old ad or newspaper story that relates to a current headline story. Our wonderful, forward-thinking federal government has decided that the mandatory filling out of a full census form is a horrifying violation of personal privacy, despite the wealth of useful information derived from such surveys for eons. Defenders of the government's actions are emerging from the usual quarters: the Fraser Institute and the Toronto Sun.

Could it be that the evil-looking kid on the left grew up to be a Conservative advisor and remembered the separation anxiety when their father took too much time away from them to complete the census?

Pro-mandatory long form census editorials from Toronto newspapers:
Globe and Mail
National Post
Toronto Star

Source: The Telegram, May 21, 1971 - JB

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