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Vintage Ad #1,031: If There's a Maxell Cassette In This Car...

Hmm, haven't checked the condition of my old mix tapes for awhile. Is this offer still valid?

A quick surf of Maxell's Canadian site shows that the only type of audio cassette the company currently offers is the general quality variety that Dad bought mass quantities of to record his favourite CBC Stereo/CBC Radio 2/NPR programs. Unless an old photo is being used on the website, the packaging is similar to that used during the 1990s—a red wrapper featuring Maxell's iconic man-in-a-chair facing a torrent of soundwaves.

As for the car, replacing a cassette abandoned in the tape deck would be the least of my worries...though the image would make for an atmospheric album cover.

PS: Over on Torontoist, this week's Vintage Toronto Ads column spotlights the pre-CBC career of retiring Metro Morning host Andy Barrie.

Source: Esquire, October 1981 - JB


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