if you knew bixi like I knew bixi...

Row of Bicycles

According to Spacing's twitter feed, a Bixi bicycle with a City of Toronto logo was spotted in the mayor's office last week.

Bixi Bicycles

While visiting Montreal in November, Sarah and I almost tested out the city's Bixi system—fears about any mishap with the required $250 credit card deposit per bike gave us pause. Racks were plentiful downtown, with many running low on vehicles. If a system is ever implemented in Toronto, it would be useful for occasional riders, those with no space at home for a bike, or commuters who take TTC one way due to bad weather and bike the other. I could see myself using it for impulsive rides (scenario: we are on a leisurely stroll downtown and are overtaken by the urge to hop on a bike). It would also be ideal for visiting family and friends who might want to go for a ride along city trails and around the islands.

While researching this post, I noticed a familiar figure standing next to the Bixi pay machine in the Wikipedia entry about the system. Never quite know where your photos will wind up after slapping on a Creative Commons license—the Wiki author also thought she was a shining star.

Photos taken in Montreal, November 7, 2009 - JB


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