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Vintage Ad #905: The SAS Coloring Page

To quote my partner-in-crime: "Colour her eyes devilish; colour the flaps of her hat, her horns, diabolic: shades of red. Isn't she a pretty demoness, the SAS hostess?"

The Executive Coloring Book (presented for your pleasure at Ad to the Bone), published in 1961, was a satirical depiction of the life of a grey-suited, pill-popping businessman—the sort of client needing the kind of vacation SAS could provide. Not to mention the nineteen additional stewardesses...hmm, maybe this ad should have been printed in Playboy instead of Harper's.

Source: Harper's, April 1962 - JB

PS: Over on Torontoist, an ad for the old Thrifty's clothing chain featuring a Blue Jay who liked to water the field.


S. said…
Oh! (blushes) I think I dropped a syllable: I should have written diabolical. Oh, well. C'est la vie, as you might say.

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