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Vintage Ad #847: A Crop of Healthy Alternatives to Go With Kraft Dressings

I usually post vendor-derived recipes and food advertisements where one wonders if the people in the test kitchen had their taste buds surgically removed. Today's dish is far more appealing, with its only drawback being your prejudices towards Kraft dressings (though note that no dressing has touched the salad yet, unless there's an imperceptible coating of oil and vinegar).

These are the Kraft bottle designs I remember from childhood, especially the gondolier used for Italian—mamma mia! Of the others pictured, Catalina, Golden Caesar and Thousand Island appeared most frequently on the table. I dimly recall cameo appearances by French and Roka (blue cheese), unless I'm simply remembering seeing the bottles in store. My favourite childhood salad dressing wasn't Kraft—mix a Catalina-style dressing and bacon bits and you had Henri's Bacon and Tomato, which we stocked up on during runs across the border. Toss this with my preferred salad of iceberg and celery and you had one happy kid.

Source: Chatelaine, August 1975


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