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Hopefully the rage that is fueling some citizens our fair city during the current garbage strike does not manifest itself in a remake of this classic scene from Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Once the strike ends, I'll be curious to see how many heart attacks, brain aneurysms or other fatal maladies will be caused by the stress of writing vitriolic comments on websites.

For cooler-headed views of the strike, check out columns by Rosie DiManno and Joe Fiorito in today's Star. Despite hotheads on both sides, life rolls along and the sky hasn't fallen...yet.


While strolling around the neighbourhood last night, I checked out the state of the garbage cans two days into the strike. During day one, most were wrapped with Saran Wrap to prevent their usage during the walkout. How successful was this tactic?

2009 Toronto Municipal Strike (4) - Plastic Wrap and New School Garbage Cans Don't Mix

Not very. Either the wrapper had poor aim, or someone found it easy to slip the plastic sheets down this new school garbage can. Pedestrians ignored the sign's plea with little second thought. There were indications that some people followed the suggestion...and left their half-empty gelato cups on the edge of someone's lawn.

2009 Toronto Municipal Strike (3) - Sold?

The wrap and warning side were no longer necessary on this bin at Bayview and Belsize, as it was sold to the highest bidder at an auction earlier in the day.

2009 Toronto Municipal Strike (1) - Unwrapped Receptacle'

This receptacle, located next to the McDonald's at Bayview and Eglinton, did not notice the strike at all. I should have gone in and asked if the Golden Arches was maintaining this one (the answer would have been a blank stare and "would you like fries with that?"). Note how the message on the front has been heeded.

2009 Toronto Municipal Strike (5) - If All Else Fails...

No sign of plastic wrap. A wide-open backside. Empty bins. Who is taking care of the container at Bayview and Roehampton? A good neighbour? The car wash next door? A city employee with guilt pangs? Nobody (I forget if this one was out of service beforehand)?

All photos taken June 23, 2009 - JB


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