home for the holidays

Sights from a week back home...

Richmond Street on Christmas Morning
Christmas morning in downtown Amherstburg. I assumed everyone else in town was still busy opening presents. We opened ours on Christmas Eve and Santa was in a good mood this year. I'll be watching DVDs for months, Amy will be merrily making cookies with her KitchenAid, Gavin will relax with a Simpsons throw, Charlie will be chasing toys and Mom will go on a shopping spree.

The Three Wise Men
To work off Mom's turkey feast, Amy and I checked out River Lights in Navy Yard Park. This was the town's first major illuminated display (usually the extent of public lighting is Christmas trees on light poles) and the organizers pulled it off. Figures were strewn through the north end of the park. Some, like the three wise man, were formed in lines...

Gingerbreads on a See-Saw
...while other, like these see-sawing gingerbread men, were animated (even if the camera caught the moment the lights switched).

Wah Court Dim Sum (1)
Boxing Day saw Amy and I go for our annual dim sum feast at Wah Court. We may have been the smallest table in the restaurant, as we were surrounded by double-digit sized groups. This year's new item: shrimp wrapped in seaweed (the bottom dish in the picture). Another spot that wasn't insanely busy was Devonshire Mall, where we glided into a parking spot in the back of the lot.

Eastern Market (2)
One place we stopped at for the first time was Eastern Market in Detroit. I recall Dad and I attempted to go there once but parking posed a problem. I wound up dropping a few dollars at R. Hirt, a cheese shop/gourmet grocer loaded with goodies from cheap roll candies to high-end teas.

Brown Bag It
While waiting for a light to change on 14 Mile in downtown Clawson, Amy noticed this high-end boutique. Note the fans in the windows.

Washington Street Lights (2)
This is a fraction of a light display that covered two homes near downtown Royal Oak. We shuddered when we contemplated the electrical bill. Among the elements was a full-size "singing" choir.

Wal-Mart Rising The Remnant of White Woods Mall
Just before I headed back to TO, I wandered by the White Woods Mall site. Wal-Mart (left) was a hive of construction activity as opening day neared - this location will be a small supercentre. The sole remnant of the original mall (right) was being touched up. - JB


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