bird on a bender

On Sunday, along with two intrepid explorers, I headed down to Buffalo to check out Doors Open Niagara. A full post is coming (Squiddity has a nifty take on the day), but here's one of the weirdest moments of the trip.
While walking towards Buffalo City Hall, we noticed an odd combination of items on the sidewalk:

Bird on a Bender (1)
One empty bottle of booze, one partly-squeezed lime, one dead bird. Coincidence or connected? If the latter, the line of tragic events is easy to follow:

1) The bird had a rough day and finds solace in a flask left behind on the sidewalk.
2) The bird notices a barely-used lime slice and decides it would add a nice twist.
3) Either the bird realizes too late that booze, lime and birds don't mix, or decides in his alcoholic haze to end it all by slamming into the Statler building at MACH 3.

Bird on a Bender (2)
The fatal wedge of lime?

I apologize to Leonard Cohen for the last words on this tragedy...

Like a bird on a bender
Like a butterfly in a fender
He felt pain
On his way
To break free

Photos taken on Genesee St, Buffalo, October 14, 2007


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