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Welcome to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada
Given the variety of farms surrounding Guelph and the presence of Ontario Agricultural College, it's not surprising to find animal sanctuaries. When Alison and Nadia discovered the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, we had to go on a roadtrip.

We couldn't have chosen a nicer day or destination. Blue skies, pleasant temperatures, a serene setting of rolling hills, pastures and a pond stock with large, colourful fish. Strolling around the grounds, we weren't 100% sure if we wanted to return to the city.

My previous exposure to donkeys was limited to a book I had as a kid, Donkey Donkey, notable for drawings of a farmer's fall that looked painful. We were surprised to find how docile most at the sanctuary were, several taking an afternoon siesta. The animals at the sanctuary were there from various reasons, including pets that outgrew the "cute" stage, mistreatment or work animals in retirement.

Brushing The Donkey's Guardian
Left: Brushes were provided to let visitors give the donkeys massages. This may or may not have led to one donkey being way too happy to see us. Right: There were also a few sheep and a young goat on the grounds. This sheep seemed to be this donkey's guardian.

The Friendly Donkey
This one took a liking to us, especially Alison. We're not 100% if it was affection or wanting to get at the apple in her bag.

The Picture Guide to Bovine Breeding
Inside the barn, a guide to breeding.

This Sheep Is Ready For Its Closeup (1)
OK, I'm ready for my closeup!

A Few Final Words From Bernard Shaw
We give the last word to Bernard Shaw.

My full set of pics, along with Nadia's (who also posted an entry over on Squiddity). - JB


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