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Too Late, Clients Saw It!
On the way over to walk through Exhibition Place, we saw this sign through a basement window in the Scholastic building. It appeared to be a storeroom...or was it? What secrets truly lay in this black sheep of a room?

Princes' Gates (1)
The Princes' Gates...or Piazza Prince's Gates, as the area surrounding it is now known.

Princes' Gates (4) Princes' Gates (3)
Left: a fountain detail. Right: the floor of the piazza is laid with provincial mottos and stones showing the official provincial flora. Sadly, the territories are not deemed worthy enough to have a motto.

We passed through the south end of the grounds, passing barracks and tugs, resting for a moment at seats left over from Exhibition Stadium. We then arrived at our main destination...

BMO Field Sign (1) BMO Field Sign (2)
Toronto's newest stadium, BMO Field is the home of Toronto FC. We joked that based on the sponsor's initials, it could easily gain the nickname "Bowel Movement". Somebody noticed a gate was open, so most of the group wandered in to take a look around. They roamed for a few minutes and later noticed others doing the same. Most noted the field felt weird.

Scadding's Door Press Building

After saying hi to security, we continued on through the grounds, ending up by the wind turbine and Toronto's oldest home, Scadding Cabin. Note the scale of the door on the left.

The full set of photos is over on Flickr.


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