Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2006 federal election wrapup

Warehouse Election Central

And so it ends...for a few months. The WEC staff has already collected $287 for the office "predict-the-date-the-Harper-government-falls" pool. Humble readers, you are encouraged to submit your best guess.

So long PM PM. Hello Smirky Stephen. The number of gloomy faces we passed this morning was staggering, especially from a city where all seats went Liberal (the pollsters didn't see 20 coming back) or NDP (3). Others felt mild relief that the Tory landslide predicted a week ago didn't happen.

It's not reassuring to see stalwarts of the Harris era in Ontario like Tony Clement (who won by only 21 votes - we're waiting for the recount) and Jim Flaherty back in government. Fingers crossed that history fails to repeat itself, or, as many commentators predict, the Tories' position is precarious enough for the other parties to hold them in check. Otherwise, pump up your stock portfolio with distillers, as the country may need several rounds of stiff drinks.

Least Popular Candidate: Regent Millette, Outremont (IND). Lowest vote total of any candidate in the election, with a measly 24 votes, good for 11th place (Outremont had the most candidates on the ballot). Outremont was also home to the second-lowest vote total, 41 ballots for Xavier Rochon (IND). In terms of party-based candidates, Steve Rutchinski (M-L, Nickel Belt) was at the bottom of the pile, with 42 votes.

Honourable Mention: Marsha Fine (M-L, Ahuntsic) is listed on the Elections Canada site as a candidate, but not found in any of the results published in this morning's papers or on her party's site. Vote total: 0. We suspect she pulled out at some point - if she made it onto the ballot, what does it say if nobody voted for you?

Time to enjoy our vacation from polls. We'll also sit out the battle royale looming within the Liberal camp. Maybe the inherent instability of the new parliament will prompt parties to work together and focus on the issues that matter most to Canadians, to overcome partisanship and work for the betterment of our country...no...the betterment of humanity!

And pigs will fly.

Until next election, this is Warehouse Election Central, signing off.

We now return you to regular Warehouse programming. - JB

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