Saturday, August 27, 2005

belt lines

Finally getting a chance to explore the city by bicycle again...

This week's long ride started off in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. I usually discover one well-known tomb passing through - this time, pioneer hockey announcer Foster Hewitt, located close to the Eaton crypt. I couldn't get the Hockey Night in Canada theme out of my head for 10 minutes.

From there, went along the crowded Belt Line trail. My internal radio switched from hockey to traffic reports.

Thanks, John. Eastbound Belt Line is very busy, with walkers backed up between Avenue and Oriole, you may want to switch to Chaplin Cr to avoid delays. Westbound Belt Line is moving smoothly, but watch out for fresh gravel between Eglinton and Bathurst. Now over to Mary to check in on the Don Valley...

Along the way, I discovered a new trail I'd never heard of, the York Belt Line, which runs from west of the Allen to a fence near Caledonia and Eglinton. Paved, fairly flat and relaxing. Several parks along the way full of kids. Many groups of old folks out for a gossipy evening stroll. Had it not been nearing 8pm, I might have been tempted to see how long it would have taken to go from its endpoint to the Humber. Another day...

I headed south along Caledonia, dodging dorks in souped-up 70s muscle cars. Wandered towards downtown along the bike lane on Davenport, noticing that buildings around the spot my father lived as a toddler (Ossington and Davenport) had burned down. I'll have to dig through the family archives back in A'burg to find the exact address - maybe his first home is no more. The ride ended with a bottle of water at a hot dog cart at Yonge and Bloor, before hopping on the subway.

I think my legs have finally adjusted to the bike this year, as my torso didn't feel like it was attached to lead weights the next day. - JB

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