Tuesday, March 29, 2005

go with the gulf (2)

We continue with the second of six vintage Gulf ads discovered in the Warehouse. Commentary by J. Percival Wexford-Snoopington, Ph. D.

Stations offered various levels of windshield cleaning service. This ad neglects to mention that free service meant a spit shine. Every pump jockey grabbed sticks of Beemans or Black Jack gum to get the saliva going, then go into a single-wing formation to spit at the windshield. Ladies were provided with spitguards in case any attendant had poor aim.

Stations in wealthier areas provided windshield washing with water imported from hot springs across America, promising theraputic benefits for one's jalopy. Only the purest cotton was used to cleanse the glass.

As for the "no obligation", attendants would continually pitch higher-cost services in between questions about Aunt Dot from Springfield. This form of salesmanship eventually became a lost art until it was revived by most modern banking services. - JB

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