Wednesday, August 11, 2004

how to handle bratty kids at an indian lunch buffet

Went out for lunch to the new branch of Siddhartha at Yonge & Eglinton, a major improvement over the previous tenant (Bombay Host, which had the blandest Indian spread I've ever tasted). Seated nearby were a couple of yuppie-ish mothers and their bratty kids. You know, the type who smile and think it's cute when their little darlings run amok. They screamed, ran around other tables, etc. At one point, they told a couple of guys who wanted the window seat next to them that the kids (and their strollers, which the kids appeared too large for) needed space.

For once I saw a restaurant take action.

The mothers had decided to share their buffets with the kids, getting them small plates of rice, which the brats proceeded to toss on the seats and floor. Something happened which caused them to call a waiter over to clean up the mess.

Not sure what happened next, other than the manager came out and the
mothers weren't happy.

"How can you make us pay? They're just children, you know. Nobody else does this to us! They're only children! All places should be child-friendly! Why don't you have high-chairs?"

Seems they were going to be charged full buffet price for the mess the little darlings made ($7.95). Noticed a few smiling faces at other tables as the drama played itself out. The moms and kids soon left, bumping and blocking other diners, vowing never to return.

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