Saturday, June 26, 2004

on the air - show #3

The most relaxed show so far in this summer run - the old CD decks have been moved back into the on-air studio while the new ones are being rejigged (the buttons are too darn sticky). No technical snafus. I've got my groove back.

Strict Time - Elvis Costello
Opening song, figured it was a good, bouncy tune to get things rolling...

Go Go Trudeau - Les Sinners
Vote For Me - The Move
The Amendment Song - Jack Sheldon
Promises Promises - Dionne Warwick
Quimby Campaign Ad - The Simpsons
Election Special - Monty Python
Richard Nixon - Rod & The MSR Singers
Dief Will Be The Chief Again - Stringband

An election-inspired set, which would have included two more songs if (a) I had spent time at home digging for a tape (Political Science by Randy Newman) and (b) discovered the station had the album on CD, but only the case (Political by Spirit of the West). Could have used more Simpsons. The Python skit is too close to what coverage will be like Monday night - I wonder what the swong will say for, hmmm, let's pick a crazy riding, Toronto-Danforth.

Heaven Is In Your Mind - Traffic
Making Time - The Creation
Rosalyn - The Pretty Things
Rockaliser Baby - The Bonzo Dog Band
King Midas In Reverse - The Hollies
Why Are We Sleeping? - Soft Machine

60s British pop set, veering into proto prog-rock at the end.

Good Morning and Goodbye - Hot Potatoes
We Come Here To Sing - The Two-Tones
The Sultan - The Squires
Back And Forth - Chad Allan & The Reflections
Hard To Cry - The Northwest Company
L'Amour C'est Un Jeu - Les Ingenues
Reste - Les Bises
Hello Goodbye - Les Intrigantes

The Can-Con requirement set, diving back into the 60s except for the first track, an ultra-obscuro 70s album I found lying loose in the library. Looked like it'd hardly received any play since its release in '73. Followed by three Canadian music icons in early incarnations - half of the Two Tones was Gordon Lightfoot (circa '61-'62), the Squires' guitarist was Neil Young (circa '63-'64, produced by a Bob Bradburn - wonder if there's any relation?), while Chad Allan & The Reflections evolved into the Guess Who (B-side of first single, circa '63). A quick trip out to late 60s Vancouver, followed by three late 60s Quebec girl groups. Reste is a cover of Stay (just a little bit longer...).

Needle In A Haystack - Jenny Whiteley
Right Right Now Now - Beastie Boys
The Late Greats - Wilco
Alone Again Or - Calexico
Ritmo Uni (Remix) - Cal Tjader/Eddie Palmieri
Everything Starts With The Seam - The Polyphonic Spree
Tres Tres Chic - Mocean Worker

A run through the new releases library, even if some of the material isn't new (a remix of a mid-60s Tjader/Palmieri tune, plus Calexcio's cover of the Love classic).

Touch Of Evil - Henry Mancini
The Electric Version - The New Pornographers
Bicho Do Mato - Elis Regina
She's Mad - David Byrne
Give 'Em Love - Soul Children

Mixing it up in the end - Mancini revisiting one of his earliest movie scores with a big band, recent Canadian rock, early 70s Brazilian pop, forward to the early 90s, then back to a late 60s Stax classic.

Hello Goodbye - The Beatles
Since I played a French cover earlier, thought the original would make a nice ending before switching to Auntie Beeb.

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