Sunday, December 21, 2003

the box spring rebellion

Let's say that since I moved down to Toronto, the items I've used for sleeping have driven others up the wall. From the last days of scanty student income, I used a cheap guest bed from Ikea with an orthopaedic pad. Surprisingly comfortable, it lasted until one part fell off (plus a basement flood was a good excuse to ditch it). Next I used a futon, which was good as long as I stayed on one half without rolling over the top of the trench in the middle. Finally, after recent repairs to my place were finished, I started the hunt for my first bed.

Amazing how the suggestions of others linger in one's mind. From the prodding of coworkers, I got it into my head that I needed a queen-size bed. Spent a couple of weeks going to stores, bouncing up and down on beds. In the end, it was a toss-up between Sears and Sleep Country. The latter won, and I happily walked out with a nicely-priced queen.

Got home, reassessed space, concluded I'd goofed. Called the next morning to change the order, resulting in more money for Xmas shopping. No problem, it would still come on the original delivery date.

Jump forward a week...

A couple of calls came, reassuring me it was still on its way, there had just been some troubles at the other places. Finally arrived 5:30. Moving the bed in went smoothly, until the box spring.

I live in older house, where the dimensions are narrower than modern standards. The frame pieces went in with no problem. Ditto the mattress. The box stuck.

So, I was left with 2/3 of a bed, which I left wrapped. The deliverymen indicated I could easily order a split box the next day. Did so, only to find my particular bed didn't come this way, but I could switch to a similar model. No problem, and I didn't mind waiting three more weeks, since this meant there'd be spillover room in case an army came to the dinner party I had in that time (which almost happened - see Nov 30th entry).

Jump forward three weeks...

Events moved quickly. I made a brief appearance at the divisional office party (food wasn't out yet) then ran home, hoping the wait wouldn't be as long. It wasn't - the delivery guys showed up at 2:20 and were finished less than half-an-hour later.

So far, no further drama. The bed fits and I'm sleeping like a baby.

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