one person who'd like to be a vidal sassoon user but can't be speaks out

Vintage Ad #1,411: Praise for Vidal Sassoon Products (4)...if he had hair

The last in a series of testimonials from famous, semi-famous, and not-at-all-famous users of Vidal Sassoon products which, unlike the others, was printed all by its lone self. Guess the non-user had to be isolated to strengthen the punchline.

Not that we mean any disrespect to Mr. Holder, whose half-century artistic career has encompassed acting, choreography and painting. He may be best known for two roles: James Bond villain Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die, and the white-suited 7UP pitchman who extolled the virtues of the non-cola during the 1970s and 1980s.

Holder didn't see doing commercials for as a comedown. "I'm no snob," he noted in a 1975 interview with People magazine. "The commercial is an art form unto itself. After all, you are seducing people."

View all of the ads we've found in this series.

Source: a 1985 issue of Rolling Stone (forgot to note the date) - JB


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