Tuesday, October 28, 2003

mayor or bust

A quick run through the five most prominent candidates running to replace his Melness here in the centre of the universe...

Tom Jakobek - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...at least you can say it takes someone wallowing in dung (hello MFP) to find the dung in other candidates campaigns. Otherwise, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

John Nunziata - Dear John: You've made a lot of hay about one of the other candidate's teams, but haven't spilled the beans on who. Sounds like a last stab to toss dirt on somebody, or the backroom boys are at it again.

Barbara Hall - when the race began, it was assumed that Hall had a reasonable chance of running away with the job. Now she's in danger of falling into third, behind Miller and Tory. Boosting the island airport hasn't helped, nor have Jabokek's attempts at legal actions, a sense she's trying to win the centre-right vote, etc. Looks like strike two at the plate.

John Tory - Then there's the coverage of the Tory campaign, especially on 680 News. Whenever there's the slightest statement from the Tory camp, it's treated as headline news on 680. One of these days, while tuning in for traffic, this earth-shattering story will be previewed:

ANNOUNCER: Coming up, the latest on Britney Spears's libido, and hear what kind of soup mayoral candidate John Tory will have for lunch tomorrow. Stay tuned.

That Tory was an executive with the owners of 680 is merely coincidence...

David Miller - notwithstanding the musings about freeway tolls, Miller has risen to the top of polls lately. One of the papers (I forget which, but I think it was the Globe) made an interesting point - while the other candidates are harping on issues that aren't great concerns of city residents (hello law and order), Miller has stumped on things like infrastructure and keeping the city clean (of garbage, and not the human variety), which may be fuelling the rise in the polls. Still time for something wacky to happen to this campaign.

There's the other candidates, though they're getting less attention than usual this year, one of the side-effects when there are so many prominent contenders. Here's the official list of who's running. Just remember to vote, OK? - JB

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