Monday, April 17, 2017

a programming note

As I figure out where my life and career stand post-wedding and post-Historicist, one area I’m reviewing is my online presence. With the various projects that are currently on the go, and (possibly irrational) worries that I spend too much time in front of my computer, I’m determining how my time online may be better spent, especially placing findings, thoughts, and writing which falls outside of contracted work.

Here’s a preliminary plan:

  • Twitter will be where I post links to my work, worthwhile links related to history or local matters, quick contextual posts related to the news cycle, and old ads/pictures/stories that may amuse or anger you. I promise never to act in trollish ways, and maintain a respectful space on a platform that doesn't often act in respectful ways.
  • Instagram will be where I post pictures primarily from walks and roadtrips, from neighbourhood strolls to exploring the backroads of North America. My partner-in-crime will keep an eagle eye on my feed to ensure I toss in enough tags for each post!
  • Facebook is primarily a personal space for me. Several people have suggested that I create a professional FB page focusing on my work and related, non-personal items. A fan page, basically. Do you think this is worth pursuing, or would it waste time?
  • JB’s Warehouse will carry on for anything history-related, whether it’s bonus features for my published pieces, oddball flights of fancy, or computer housecleaning which deserves more than a quick tweet or Instagram post.

 Suggestions related to this plan are appreciated, so leave a comment if you’ve got advice.