Thursday, October 21, 2004

when reality goes awry

Call it strong will, a case of how lousy the boob tube is these days, or laziness.

Mid-summer, Amy came down to visit. This meant unplugging and moving my over-the-air TV, so that should could pull out the futon in the living room. The TV has remained unplugged. Considering all I watched on it was news and hockey (since that was all I could get), it hasn't been a great loss. I've still got the VCR/DVD TV to keep me entertained.

(Explanation: When I moved down here, I brought along an ancient portable TV. Soon discovered you couldn't hook anything up to it, so I bought a new set. Tried to find a good set of bunny ears, which ended up in half-a-dozen going back to the store. In the end, settled for dueling TV sets).

On CBC Radio this evening, As It Happens asked for listeners ideas for how low reality TV could go, in the wake of new shows like The Biggest Loser (overweight people trying to slim down, but taunted with food).

The Great Escape - 76 people who have never seen or heard of the movie The Great Escape or the historical event it was based on will be given an opportunity to see if they are more successful than the original breakout. They will be given the plans for the tunnels and all the supplies for the escape, but once they're out of the tunnels...they're on their own.

POW - Contestants are forced to endure conditions similar to those in a Japanese World War II POW camp. Highlight is reconstruction of the bridge on the River Kwai. The winner is the last person to either survive malnourishment or not go insane.

Big Time! - 12 skinny contestants compete to see who can gain 100 lbs the fastest. They tour the country, eating only at the greasiest of greasy spoons, the most bountiful of buffets. Watch contestant suffer through the joy of heartburn!

Beat The Reaper - adapted from an old Firesign Theatre album, contestants are infected with a mystery infectious disease. Last to survive or die wins.

Eat The Weak - 12 people locked in a white soundproof room with no windows, markings or food. Who will go crazy first? Who will succumb to cannibalism first? Who will be the last survivor?