bonus features: “the bull in a china shop had nothing on this cow”

This post offers supplementary material for an article I recently wrote for Torontoist, which you should read before diving into this post.

For your reading pleasure, here are all of the original press accounts of the cow's adventure.  My vote goes to the Telegram for the goofiest coverage and the one most requiring historical footnotes, as it tosses in baseball analogies and a passing reference to Ontario Premier Sir James Whitney. Imagine if a modern version referenced, say, Kathleen Wynne and Justin Verlander.

Globe, June 16, 1913.

News, June 16, 1913.

star 1913-06-16 militant cow on the warpath at kendal avenue and wells street
Star, June 16, 1913. Click on image for larger version.

tely 1913-06-16 mad cow on the rampage
Telegram, June 16, 1913.

World, June 16, 1913.


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