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Great Grandma's Attic in 2014
Source: the Toronto World, March 18, 1914. Click on image for larger version.
The author, so obsessed with nice girls and CLOTHES, neglects to mention how ATHLETIC Great-Grandma was. Unless only the garments and the SUFFRAGIST banner were Great-Grandma's, the readers of 1914 were left to assume that the fishing reels, golf clubs, paddles, playing cards, and racquets WERE Great-Grandpa's. The author also neglects Great-Grandma's taste for WRITING, via the book on the floor and the typewriter hiding under the chair. FANCY that.

But this is me in 2014 LOOKING BACK at 1914. It's true many people's first impulse would be to don the vintage clothing to see how FUNNY they look. Or attractive...


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