Monday, July 26, 2010

vintage maclean's ad of the day

Vintage Ad #1,166: Would You Trust This Salesman?

Potential lines delivered by this slightly-creepy salesman:

"Hey baby, wanna check out my luminar?"
"I like my ladies pencil-thin, like my mustache."
"I've got 500 lines of picture clarity ready for your viewing pleasure."

If you know one or four hundred and ninety-seven additional bad pickup (or sales pitch) lines this lovely fellow would have delivered to unsuspecting customers and dates, let us know.

Warehouse management notes that we're knackered after a busy week and that we gave in to the lure of cheesy humour that this ad's headline begs for. Any complaints can be directed to the offical Warehouse decency monitor, Sam Eagle.

Source: Maclean's, February 7, 1987 - JB

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