Wednesday, July 14, 2010

vintage detective comics ad of the day

Vintage Ad #1,155: A Tube of Cube Lube

Given the other uses listed for Cube Lube, we wonder if anyone who sent away for a tube of it instead of heading to the neighbourhood hardware store to buy regular lube was a rube.

(Sorry, we had to follow the rhyming pattern).

Who knows, Cube Lube might have helped me solve the puzzle more than once. A Rubik's Cube still lies in a junk drawer at my Mom's place—have thirty years improved my solution skills? I recall watching other kids having more success solving them on the bus and in the schoolyard than I ever did. There was always at least one square that refused to find its mates. The temptation to swap stickers was constant, and it was easy to tell which kids had cheated by the scruffy condition of their cubes. I may have (slightly) chipped a tooth on a Rubik's Cube, though I don't remember if it was due to clumsiness or if another kid decided that the cube and my mouth required intimate contact.

Source: Detective Comics #515, June 1982 - JB

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