Friday, February 19, 2010

vintage maclean's ad of the day

Vintage Ad #1,034: All Doc's Patients had one thing in common

It took many years for Doc's patients to clue in that he used sub-par furniture. This did not upset the wily medical practitioner, as he raked in the dough from treating minor back ailments.

Source: Maclean's, September 14, 1957

PS: As mentioned several times in the past, to make the post numbering system reflect reality, I am filling in spaces occupied by deleted posts or creating entries to bridge the numbering gaps. Here are two for your reading pleasure:

* From 1952, General Electric invents the plaid alarm clock
* From 1975, Hellmann's test kitchen provides a mix of tuna-rific meals that range from tempting to terrifying - JB

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