vintage toronto sun ad of the day

Vintage Ad #1,013: Ontario's roads are going metric

Not much to add about this ad, other than pondering where the Niagara/Windsor distance sign would have been stuck in the ground. If such a creature existed, it might have been somewhere near the border of Oakville and Mississauga, either on Highway 2 (from which one would have taken Highway 8 or QEW from Hamilton to Niagara) or on the QEW (with either the Hamilton stump of Highway 403 that then existed back in '77 or Highway 2 as the way to Windsor).

Road measurements are one of the few elements of the metric system that sank into my psyche. Blame overexposure to Detroit television during childhood as to why temperatures in Fahrenheit makes as much sense to me as Celsius.

Source: The Toronto Sun, September 4, 1977 - JB


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