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Vintage Ad #982: I Want To Be Anarchy

The Warehouse is currently conducting reader colour tolerance tests. We apologize for any headaches or the sudden urge to sing "Anarchy in the UK" or "God Save the Queen."


Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols was among the stacks of vinyl I purchased for next-to-nothing at Sam's Jams in Ferndale, Michigan during my teens. Not much more I can say about the album—it wasn't a life-changing work that left a discernable influence on my musical tastes or clothing choices, but it fills an occasional need to throw loud, snotty music on my turntable and crank the volume up to 11...

...OK, I'm more respectful to my neighbours than that, though the temptation to see if I can blow out the speakers lurks in the back of my mind (so much for anarchy). A disc of MP3s cranked up to 11 in the car is closer to reality.


Since the first three posts of this month have been ad-centric, it makes sense to turn February 2010 into one of those months where I clear out the towering pile of scanned ads and post one daily.

Source: Crawdaddy, January 1978 - JB


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