it's 1970...let's take a look

Vintage Ad #995: It's 1970 Let's Take a Look

(larger version and even larger version)

This year-end ad from Eaton's offers an interesting mix of naive optimism and glimmers of dread for the world that lay ahead for its customers as the 1970s beckoned (though purists will note this ad should have been published the following year). The image of Earth derived from the lunar landing provides an appropriate backdrop for the Eaton management to discuss issues of global importance. Imagine the cynical reaction if Wal-Mart had published a similar ad last week.

One prediction that was on target: the downbeat description of dirty beaches resembles the Lake Erie swimming spots I enjoyed at the end of the 1970s. As for the others, if only some of our current political leaders read the section on responsibility—the Harper government seems to like operating like an invisible, fog-shrouded machine.

Source: The Toronto Star, December 31, 1969 - JB


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