Friday, April 24, 2009

vintage national lampoon ad of the day

Vintage Ad #635: How to Pick Up Girls!

The source of today's pick might lead you to think this was a satirical piece...but it isn't, though it may seem like one thanks to the march of time. Author Eric Weber spun off his techniques for picking up hot chicks into an album (which WFMU posted as part of the 2007 edition of the 365 Days project) and a made-for-TV movie with Desi Arnaz Jr. as a pickup artist, Richard Dawson as a fashion photographer, and everyone's favourite "is he dead yet?" celebrity, Abe Vigoda.

Were, as this ad promises, the tips provided in this book a better investment than a nice shirt? Depends on the shirt. I suspect none of the lines offered have the awe-inspiring power of one a friend came up with in university: "hey baby, want to break in a geek?"

Source: National Lampoon, September 1973

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