Tuesday, April 21, 2009

vintage chatelaine ad of the day

Vintage Ad #740: Halos for Husbands
Today's pick features a fine array of products for the postwar home. Hubby may not have had a golden ring around his head over half a century later if he had invested in stock of the company Northern Electric evolved into, Nortel Networks.

Northern Electric was the spin-off manufacturing arm of Bell Canada, whose roots dated back to the mid-1890s. When this ad appeared, ownership was split between Bell and what was effectively NE's American equivalent, Western Electric. According to the company's official history, over 136,000 small Baby Champ radios were sold by Northern Electric in 1946. There's no mention of appliance innovations from that year, but the company appears to have introduced a Hammond organ with vibrato.

Source: Chatelaine, November 1946 

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