Wednesday, March 18, 2009

forget jim's jem dandy to the rescue!

Vintage Ad #530: Get that Jem Dandy Bounce with Geratex!
Jem Dandy (in pill form) to the rescue...anyone else think this ad was drawn in forty-six seconds?

Subtitled "for men and women with the spirit of adventure and the hunt," Safari was published by Montreal-born bodybuilding guru Joe Weider. A flip through this issue gives the impression that the magazine was a he-man version of National Geographic, full of exotic photography of strange tribes, naked Inuit women and soon-to-be-deceased animals. The "booklengther" cover story was a ten-page excerpt from author/explorer/filmmaker/insurance executive Lewis Cotlow's book Zanzabuku. Pictures from Cotlow's 1954-55 trek through Kenya included a tea with baboons, antelopes and elephants, a hasty escape from a charging rhino and the tricky pursuit of a "meek, mild" giraffe (tip: if stopped abruptly, a giraffe's neck will snap). Cotlow's crew were advised by British authorities to be armed at all times, in case they ran into any problems caused by the Mau Mau insurgency.

Source: Safari, March 1957 

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