Monday, March 10, 2008

vintage rolling stone ad of the day

Vintage Ad #458: The Dual 1249
Wecolme to the sound of my childhood, or at least a related model. A Dual turntable was the core of our stereo system until the early 1990s, surviving nearly two decades worth of needles and skippy Russian classical albums. I wasn't allowed to use it for years, due to an occasional habit of scratching records on the Fisher-Price turntable in my bedroom.

I don't remember when we replaced it - it may have survived a short period after I moved in grade 9 before we gave into the march of technology and purchased a Technics system with turntable, dual tape deck and CD player. Parts of the old stereo system, including dusty beige speakers, may have made their way to Dad's newspaper-sorting room at the high school.

Source: Rolling Stone, May 20, 1976 - JB

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