season's greetings from mario's of bramalea

Vintage Ad #422: Season's Greetings from Mario's Staff
As part of a Bramalea Town Centre flyer celebrating the holidays, we recently discovered this gem of an ad for the mall's salon. We think it was a nice gesture ti include a line for each employee, allowing potential new clients to zero in on who they'll choose for their first visit (though we'd like to know why Stella was good as gold).

There were a few employees who missed the photo shoot and didn't make the final ad. Our crack research team has discovered the lines that would have been used for these unfortunate souls.

MORGAINE - Our resident mystic will tell your fortune as she curls your locks.
SHEMP -This hair expert is no stooge.
BRUCE - Because laws enforcing stereotypes about those working in hair salons dictate that we have at least one employee named Bruce.
HEPZIBAH - A professional since 1916, let her 60-plus years of experience guide your hair through any time period. She will surprise you!

Source: The Toronto Star, December 7, 1977


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