coin collector specials and talking monsters, oh my!

Vintage Ad #101 - Coins and Monsters
Our shocking sensation of the day features two staples of comic book advertising: the coin dealer and the monster toy. We won't dwell on the former, mainly because my only brush with the coin-collecting world came when Dad insisted I horde Canadian mountie quarters. I suppose I can use them as my emergency laundry machine fund.

This magnificent monster sounds so wonderful, yet you know there's a catch somewhere. A few guesses as to the secrets the monster protects:

Guess #1: He may be 4' tall, but is no more than an inch or two wide.
Guess #2: The ad neglects to mention your lovable new friend requires inflation.
Guess #3: The "special design instrument" to make him talk is a 24-page guide to ventriloquism.
Guess #4: Based on the monster's stance, this was the vendor's attempt to salvage a failed line of football star statues with a fresh coat of paint. Check out the poses found in many 1960s gridiron magazines or on sports cards to see what I mean.

Source: Strange Tales #158, July 1967 - JB


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