bonus features: the 1955 ontario provincial election

Before reading this, check out this week's trip back into the city's history over at Torontoist, spotlighting the 1955 provincial election and one nasty battle downtown.
Vintage Ad #376: McMahon's the Man
The main ad for the second place finisher in York Centre, North York reeve Fred McMahon. Note how the ad plays upon his family and war experience. Source: The North Toronto Free Press, June 8, 1955.

Vintage Ad #374: Your Humble Candidate for MPP
While researching the 1955 campaign, this ad was the most mirth-inducing. Not many candidates have seriously campaigned on the premise that they are the greatest Canadian that ever existed (though the thought may have crossed Brian Mulroney's mind). Truly a modest ad.

Not all was humourous with our champion.

The Globe and Mail ran daily profiles of each riding within Metro Toronto, spotlighting the backgrounds and platforms of the candidates. Here's what the May 28th edition had to say about the champion, who ran in Eglinton:

Egomania appears to have been the least of his problems. Given the last platform, I doubt he would have coped well with the face of the city two decades on (perhaps he delved too deeply into researching his opera or suffered from overexposure to vibrations from timepieces). He finished in last place, with 317 votes. An attempt to run federally as a "Liberal Conservative Coalition" candidate in 1957 garnered fewer votes.

Ad source: The North Toronto Herald, June 3, 1955 


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