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Vintage Ad #337: The GRIT Salesboy With Purple Hair
One of the little-known inspirations for punk: Grit newspaper boys who dyed their hair purple to peddle America's favourite family newspaper. Little Jimmy used the money he earned to buy a cassette deck, on which he discovered David Bowie, the Stooges and Lou Reed.

That or he's sucking up to his father by matching the colour of dear old Dad's favourite business suit.

Purple tended to be a default colour for Marvel in the 1960s, as it showed up well on the cheap paper used for printing their comics, especially when contrasted with hues of green. As much as artistic license, this helps explain why the Hulk was stuck wearing the same pair of purple pants for years.

This issue of Marvel Tales is the only place I have ever seen this particular Grit ad, which is odd considering they tended to use the same spot for a year or longer. Maybe there was a temporary shortage of geeky pre-teen models.

Marvel Tales was the House of Ideas' longest-running reprint title, lasting 291 issues from 1964 to 1994. The series began as a double-sized collection of stories featuring various heroes, mostly Spider-Man, Thor and the Human Torch. This issue was the next-to-last in a giant-size format - when it switched to a normal length, Spider-Man reprints became the book's sole raison-d'etre.

Previous entry about Grit.

Source: Marvel Tales #32, November 1971 - JB


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