what's your pet peeve about shirts?

Vintage Ad #211 - What's Your Pet Peeve About Shirts?

1) It appears as if the collar wasn't the only part of the shirt that shrunk.

2) This picture was accidentally sent to the ad agency. The model intended to send it to Warner Brothers in hopes of landing roles in the latest gangster movies.

3) Yes, I stomp on my shirts daily while wearing loose suspenders to make sure my collars look straight. Doesn't every pure-blooded male make this part of their morning ritual?

4) Unfortunately, the Arrow HITT doesn't solve the accompanying problem of droopy eyelids, though our model may have lowered his lids to prevent any damage by the edges of his lady friend's hat. If that had happened, then he could have gone on to a career with Arrow rival Hathaway.

Source: Time, January 30, 1939


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