judy, judy, judy (with apologies to cary grant impressionists)

Vintage Ad #167 - Imitation of Life
Yeah, I could go the obvious mind-in-the-gutter route with this ad. The treat is to see the lengths the poorly-edited ad writer tried to present Judy as a family gift, all the while hinted at her other possible uses. It's a "burgular" deterrent, swimming aid, roadtrip companion, laugh generator and child ego-booster, all rolled into one!

Has anyone ever tried to use a blowup doll as a buoy?

It's doubtful that Judy looked remotely like her model stand-ins (note disclaimer discreetly placed in the coupon)...unless Dr. Evil had leftover Carnaby Street-era fembot shells that he needed to sell for any price.

It's appropriate that a sketchy product like this would appear in a Charlton comic, for years the low-end of the comic spectrum (history of the company from Comic Book Artist). While gifted creators worked for the company (notably Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko), Charlton (1944-86) was notorious for low pay rates and poor production quality. Unlike most comic book publishers, Charlton maintained all elements of its business in a single building, from creative to printing, with most of its money made from song lyric magazines.

Ghostly Tales (115 issues, 1966-84) was one its typical horror anthologies, hosted by "I.M. Dedd". How punny.

Source: Ghostly Tales #80, June 1970


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