Tuesday, April 11, 2006

vintage toronto life ad of the day

Vintage Ad #24 - Do You Really Now?Village by the Grange opened on McCaul St in 1976. Any secrets the complex held by the time this ad appeared in 1984 were hidden in each model's shoulder. The toll of those stuck in narrow passages or otherwise injured by wide clothes in Toronto during the mid-80s is unknown (though if anyone wants to check 52 Division's records, your perseverance will be admired).

Was the dude at top left on his way to audition as a backup singer for Talking Heads?

As time passed, more emphasis was placed on the apartments and condos in the complex. OCAD acquired space in 1998. The food court came to provide quick, cheap eats. The parking lot underneath was my favoured spot whenever I drove downtown from Guelph or had too many other errands to run to use the TTC.

Fast forward to the present: A food court overview from BlogTO, along with a review of one of its occupants, where I've downed the odd slurpy bowl of noodles. Apartment complex info. OCAD campus overview.

Source: Toronto Life, December 1984 - JB

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