Thursday, March 16, 2006

poppin' fresh goes curling

Vintage Ad #11 - Poppin' Fresh at the BriarIs Poppin' Fresh baking those biscuits or does he plan to curl with them? Imagine him yelling "SWEEP! SWEEP!", punctuated with his trademark giggle. Based on the last time I used refrigerator dough, these beauties would make a suitable mini rock or hockey puck.

Note that no food maker would boast about how "rich with shortening" their wares are, unless they produce shortening (even then, it's doubtful). Maybe the mild heart attack Poppin' Fresh had in '95 scared the beejeezus out of the suits.

Poppin' Fresh was a mere child when this ad appeared, having debuted in 1965. While I remember seeing products with his main squeeze Poppie, I don't recall the other members of his family: his kid Bun Bun, dog Flapjack, cat Biscuit and grandparents (some pictured here). His cousin, Burns Easy, stuck to his principles and refused to be merchandised.

Source: Good Housekeeping, February 1968. - JB

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